Forza Horizon 5 - Xbox Series / Xbox One

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Horizon Arcade: features a series of 12 new minigames for multi-players, such as Pinata pop, in which the Horizon Festival’s plane drops pinatas for you to chase down before everyone else The game also introduces the Events Lab, where players can create their own custom games and races, tweaking the rules to suit their preferences, and then challenge others to try them out Forza Link is new too, being an AI assistant that tracks the statuses of other players, so you can link with other online players and team up for co-operative play if you like And finally, in Expeditions you can go exploring with a really excited NCP who will tell you what you are looking at, like your very own personal tour guide. But they will also tell you about the new tech that is available in the game, so it pays to have at least one go at this mode
In this game, you can explore a truly massive open world map, as much as fifty percent larger than Forza Horizon 4’s not inconsiderable map. Race a variety of vehicles through a volcanos’ caldera, explore jungles and rainforests for their hidden ruined cities, spray sand up as you zoom over beaches, as well as racing past waterfalls, snowy mountains, and large reality-based cities like Guanajuato which comes with a network of secret tunnels to explore! Mexico is a vast country, and it has amazingly diverse climates depending on where in the country you are, and the game developers have taken pains to give you the full Mexican climate experience in this game! The four seasons behave differently in each of the eleven diverse biomes – and just like in real life, you drive through weather events: getting rained on in the mountain, and then drive out into blazing sunshine in the desert! All the (many) cars and various playing characters can be extensively customised so you can look exactly the way you want to and drive your dream car too. Play to race against the competition, or just free roam and see what’s out there to be found – all the events pop up to explorers, they just do so in a more random and surprisingly naturalistic manner. Keep an Eye On- The games developers not only wanted to recreate the best parts of Mexico onscreen, but they also wanted it to stand up to the minutest scrutiny too, even the tiny elements usually ignored by players. And in this they have been successful, using photogrammetry and ray tracing to create superb graphics that almost demand that you slow down a examine a tree trunk or a rock. Along with this, and the beautiful array of diverse cars and out-of-this-world driving experiences, you get to enjoy works of art by genuine Mexican artists and authentic recreations of Mexican landmarks, so realistic that you will think you have visited the real place! Look out for the brand-new Forza concept car which is sure to have motorheads sighing wistfully as well as the usual array of beach buggies, supercars and off-road racers.
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