Deadskull Gaming Sofa Adjustable With foot Rest Black/Blue

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The Ranger gaming sofa is built for just a single occupant, which makes it more of a gaming La-z-boy than a sofa.
If you thought gaming chairs couldn't get any more extra, think again. deadskull has released a range of single player gaming sofas that it claims will make the perfect accompaniment for long solo gaming sessions.They're also oddly reminiscent of a premium economy seat on a long-haul flight, minus the crumbs (for now). At least Cougar's been a little more generous than most airlines with a 95° to 360° recline and extendable footrest.
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Product ID POX159801016
Brand DeadSkull
Condition New
Platform Universal
Product Color Black / Blue
Manufacturer DeadkSkull
Warranty 3 months
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